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Krassimira began her gymnastics career in 1972 at the tender age of 6 years old. Her talent was discovered by Margarit Krustev who later became her athletic partner. During their work with Anastasia Mitova they participated in world competitions and earned many awards in the European championships, world championships, and their greatest success was their entry into the Olympics.


At the age of 13, Krassimira participated in her first competition at the World Championship in Strasbourg, France. She was the youngest performer at that competition. At age 14, she ranked 6th on the beam at the World Championship in Fort Worth, TX.


Krassimira went on to become captain of the Bulgarian National Team at the age of 15 and led them into the Summer Olympics of 1980, which took place in Moscow. Under her leadership, her team ranked 6th overall.


In 1981, Krassimira and Stoyan Delchev earned silver medals at the American Gymnastics Cup in New York. Krassimira was given the title of Honored Master of Sport for Gymnastics at this competition by the Bulgarian Sports Federation.

Dinko Dinev, Owner and Program Director

Dinko began his career in 1969 as a member of his hometown gymnastics team in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. In 1970, he was accepted into the elite sports school known as "Olympic Hopefuls" where he graduated with honors. While training, Dinko became a member of the Bulgarian junior national team and was then accepted into the sports academy called Georgi Dimitrov.


During his time there, Dinko double majored and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Gymnastics. He went on to become a member of the senior national team where he participated in many national and international competitions, including the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada. Dinko also participated in the 1978 World Championship in Strasbourg, France.


Dinko made a change of career in 1979 when he joined the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus as an acrobat. Dinko was fortunate to perform all over the world while touring with the Ringling Brothers and his involvement with the circus led him to become an acrobatics instructor in their Clown College program.


Though Dinko's circus career flourished, he missed gymnastics, which had always been his passion. In 1984, he started a coaching career in a local gymnastics school where he helped with the creation of the gymnastics program at the local YMCA.

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Radostin Naydenov, Owner and Headcoach

Radostin Naydenov began his sports career when he was 6 years-old at Sports Club CSKA, one of the best sports clubs in Bulgaria. During his time there, he trained with some of the most successful gymnastics coaches of the time.


Radostin competed in various national and international competitions as a member of the youth national team. After participating in many gymnastics competitions, Radostin decided to act on his desire to coach gymnastics. He began his coaching career at Delchev Gymnastics in Reno Nevada and became the head coach of the boys program.


Throughout his coaching career Radostin achieved many successful moments and his athletes often qualified for and competed in regional and national competitions as well as Future Stars competitions.


Radostin now serves as the proud co-owner of Sarasota Gymnastics Academy where he hopes to pass on his passion and teachings to the local talented youth.

Meet our certified gymnastics trainers and coaches

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Cyndee Cheri

Cyndee has been studying and teaching dance for over 30 years. She was titled "Ms. Florida Dance Team Soloist" (state wide comp) in high school. She also taught for Mike Millers Dance Team Camps out of Dallas, Texas and taught Dance Camps at numerous universities throughout United States. Cyndee graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts/Dance from the University of South Florida, Tampa. While there, was selected to perform at the International Arts Festival in Cairo, Egypt. Cyndee owned and operated her own dance studio called "Manatee Dance Company" in Bradenton, Florida. She was also a dance instructor/teacher at Lee Middle School and Manatee School of the Arts in Manatee County.

Cyndee is an experienced coach that has been coaching gymnastics for 9 years. She has been coaching competitive team for 6 years and has choreographed numerous floor routines for the XCEL and optional levels. She is a USA Gymnastics certified coach.

Cyndee and her daughter, Madi, together coach at the SGA. Cyndee also has a son named Nico who is currently enrolled at Embry Riddle University, majoring in aerospace engineering.


Madi Cheri

Madi Cheri is a Sarasota native, born in Sarasota, FL in 1997, has been a gymnast for 10 years, competing for 8 years at the Sarasota YMCA Gymnastics (Sunbeams and then Surge). In 2013, Madi was nominated the YMCA National Champion in Savannah, GA.

She graduated from Lakewood Ranch High School in 2015 and participated in two VPK programs in Lakewood Ranch High School for 3 years (2013-2015) as well as getting certified for Early Childhood Education and certified in CPR and First Aid.


Coach Madi has been coaching recreational and competitive team gymnastics for 4 years as well as running Summer Gymnastics camps. Madi is a USA Gymnastics certified coach that currently attends State College of Florida majoring in elementary education.

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Kimberly Holowiak

Kim Holowiak started Gymnastics in the northeast in ‘96 and began competing in 1999. During her career she won several USAG state, regional and national titles in North Carolina, Oregon and Florida. Her favorite event was bars and her favorite floor routine out of all of her optional level routines was for level 9 with music from the movie ‘Transformers’. Her gymnastics career ended in 2008 but her love for the sport lead her to become a coach while pursuing her education at Florida State University. She coached compulsory and recreational gymnastics at International Gold in Tallahassee. She moved back to Sarasota after graduating from college for her career in marketing and loves to coach!


Adriana Postiglione


Adriana grew up in New Jersey. During her time in New Jersey she fell in love with All Star Competitive Cheerleading and trained for 8 years. All Star Competitive Cheerleading implements acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and jumping. When she turned 14 she moved to Sarasota, Florida over the summer with the family and continued her competitive cheerleading in Sarasota for another year. Adriana found that gymnastics coaches helped to empower her tumbling and found them to be very knowledgeable with their techniques. She spent 2 years attending private lessons with gymnastics coach Radi who helped her a lot with her tumbling technique and helped improve her skills. After she ended her time with All Star Competitive Cheerleading, Adriana was offered a coaching position at Sarasota Gymnastics Academy. She loves to coach gymnastics and wishes to pass on her knowledge to the young athletes.